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Driven by my passion to move the world towards a clean energy future, I have immersed myself in the study of sustainable energy, electric vehicles, smart grid, grid storage and demand response. I have 15 years experience starting, managing and selling high-tech companies and 20 years of experience programming and managing development teams both within the U.S. and offshore.

  • Technology Industry Knowledge Expert in web technologies including Ruby on Rails, JQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, REST APIs, Amazon AWS, among others. 
  • Lifelong Learner:  Received MBA in Sustainable Management. Participant in numerous conferences and classes in electric vehicles and sustainable energy.
  • Visionary Proven ability to identify technologies and solutions that meet market requirements. Concept and development of five software and hardware products that created the core of four successful high-tech companies.
  • Leadership Highly proficient at building and motivating a broad set of functional teams. Expert in time management, leadership and management techniques. Extensive experience with offshore development teams accommodating cultural differences while maximizing communication and productivity.
  • Relationship Building Skills Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to develop strong relationships at any level, including a talent for working with engineers and others with technical backgrounds. A good listener with a sincere objective to resolve issues that lead to win-win results.




Presidio School of Management

  • MBA In Sustainable Management: May 2011
  • Concentration: Electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid (V2G)
  • Activities: Student Representative, Entrepreneur Club Chair



University of California, Santa Cruz

  • BA Computer and Information Science: Graduated with Honors


University of California, Berkeley

  • Engineering Physics: Three years of study


Other Educational Experiences


Professional Experience



AutoGrid analyzes the exponentially expanding wave of data being generated by smart meters so utilities and end-users can obtain precise insight into where power is going and enact automated, responsive controls.

Senior Developer: November 2012 to present

Roles: Led an offshore and onshore development team to create and enhance the DROMS and ECO products.

Achievments: Worked with Ruby on Rails, JQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, HBase, Hadoop, REST API, Amazon AWS and Logstasher. Introduced test driven development and code review processes. Expanded and maintained Jenkins automated testing including auto-scaling EC2 workers. Implemented Kibana/Logstash centralized logging console. Discovered and fixed severe cross-tenant security hole and added field-level database encryption. Optimized SQL queries for 100x speed improvements. Decoupled our architecture by separating functionality into Gem libraries.



RealMealz helps people eat healthier by providing online meal planning for fast, easy and healthy meals.

CTO: May 2011 to November 2012

Roles: Responsible for creating the site architecture, database schema, server deployment and scaling. 

Achievements: Created the site using Ruby on Rails, JQuery, CSS and MySQL. Did scaling tests on Amazon EC2, RackSpace and Heroku. Deployed on Heroku using Amazon S3 for picture storage and Amazon CloudFront for static asset caching.


Xythos Software

Xythos develops simple document and file management software, designed to reduce the cost and improve the security of managing and sharing enterprise information.

Vice President of Product Management: September 2003 to April 2005

Roles: Responsible for the direction of all existing Xythos products, conceiving new product ideas and guiding the development, testing and release of the company's products.

Achievements: Turned around the product planning process from being developer driven to focusing on customer and market needs. Designed a more mature development process that included feature specification and development and release milestones. Directed the release process for WFS 4.2, which was the company's first on-time release. Established a user interface committee and initiated a customer forum. Researched various compliance regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, Sec Rule 17, 21 CFR Part 11, Common Criteria EAL, DoD 5015.2 and wrote specifications on what functionality was needed to be fill these requirements. Independently learned and wrote Java code using a new installer technology that was lauded and adopted. Rewrote the Xythos product demos to focus on benefits and real business use cases which became the company standard. Managed relationships with SAS, Blackboard, Stellent and other consulting partners. Identified, researched and guided acquisition of the technology behind the Xythos workflow engine. Participated in trade shows, gave webinars and spoke at seminars.

Vice President of Client Technology: July 2002 to September 2003

Roles: Responsible for the development of the WebFile Server Client product. Managed a full time off-shore development team, provided product direction, technical sales support and managed OEMrelationships.

Achievements: Coordinated the OEM customization for Stellent and managed the relationship resulting in $750k of license fees from 2002 to 2004. Reinitiated contact with Oracle and SAP that lead to a technology license of $3.5 million. Managed an offshore team of 7. Identified and mentored my replacement who successfully took over all responsibilities of the client technology.


TeamStream, Inc

The mission of TeamStream was to connect virtual teams online. TeamDrive, the company’s flagship product, turned the Internet into a securely shared hard drive. Sold all assets to Xythos in 2002.

Founder and CEO: February 2000 to September 2002

Roles: Conceived product, raised funding, directed offshore development, managed local team, sold assets to Xythos.

Achievements: Conceived product, name and slogan. Negotiated, reviewed and assisted writing various legal agreements including: asset purchase, license, escrow, joint development, etc. Directed offshore development team of 7 which saved approximately $600k. Raised $365k. Guided TeamStream through the dot-com crash by cutting expenses drastically and maximizing every revenue potential while not missing a payroll and eventually selling the company for terms which preserved the investors investments.


Euclio s.r.o.

An offshore development company located in the Czech Republic that developed hardware and software computer security products, web utilities and Internet virtual drive technology. Sold to Xythos in 2002 and became Xythos Czech s.r.o.

Owner: 1999 to 2002

Roles: Founder and owner.

Achievements: Researched locations for an offshore company and selected the Czech Republic because of its good infrastructure, availability of technical people and low costs. Recruited the initial manager and development team. Setup financial controls and communication methods. Successfully sold the hardware IP developed there along with the development staff. Later, sold the company to Xythos which continues to grow this company and use it for product development, QA and international marketing.



MaxLock developed computer and Internet security products. Its popular WebPasskey program, which automatically filled in password and contact information on web pages, was sold in 2000 to iChoose and the rest of its assets, including its high-performance IP core products, were sold in 2001 to CAST.

Founder and President: 1997 to 2001

Roles: Founded this company and managed its development, sales and marketing. Found buyers for its technology and negotiated their sale.

Achievements: Conceived WebPasskey, MaxLock encryption board and high-performance PCI cores. When the lead hardware developer left, took over debugging of MaxLock board and successfully completed it. Moved development offshore to Euclio, which saved approximately $300k. Transitioned hardware developers from schematic entry to VHDL. Licensed Netscape form-fill technology to IBM. Sold WebPasskey to iChoose in 2000. Sold IP core to CAST in 2001.


Micro System Designs, Inc

MSD developed and marketed several software and hardware solutions for floppy disk duplication. It was the leading supplier of PC-based floppy duplication products in the 90s. The assets were sold to CopyPro in 1999 while the staff formed the basis of TeamStream.

Founder and President: 1988 to 1999

Roles: Founded this company and initially did all the work including conceiving and developing its products, designing its sales and marketing programs and doing its accounting. As the company grew, hired and managed staff to perform these functions, then negotiated its sale.

Achievements: Conceived DiskDupe software and the Allegro controller board. Wrote most of the code for DiskDupe using object oriented techniques and low-level hardware interfacing. Managed the creation and production of the Allegro controller. Developed the world's first quad-speed simultaneous double-sided (4xSDS) floppy drive controller. Solicited and negotiated OEM licenses with the majority of diskette autoloader manufacturers worldwide including Trace, CopyPro, Rimage, Champion, Ashby, Mission Six and LSK Data Systems.



InsMark provided life insurance illustration software to life insurance companies and agents.

Director of Operations: 1985 to 1988

Roles: Responsible for the development, support, QA, and production of the company's products. Assisted with trade shows, seminars and prospect presentations.

Achievements: Was the fourth employee of InsMark and participated in the growth to over 30 employees and $5 million in revenue. Rewrote product in Turbo Pascal and developed a template mechanism to facilitate creation of new illustrations. Built and managed a team of 9. Hired, trained and mentored the person that eventually became the president of InsMark.

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