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My fervent hope is that the world will move away from dirty, limited fossil fuels to using only clean, renewable energy. To do this, we will need to adopt electric transportation and develop a smarter grid. I am kind of a nut about this, owning a Nissan Leaf, Zero DS motorcycle and a Zapino scooter. I also installed my own solar system and am tying it all together with a peak shaving, battery backup system.


While I have been writing code and managing remote software development teams for many years, I love learning new things and working with passionate, skilled people of all ages. Ruby on Rails is my current love, but I am also adept at the fullstack including HTML, HTML5, HAML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, CoffeeScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest APIs, SOA, Git, Unicorn, Redis, RabbitMQ, Gem libraries, RubyGem, Cucumber, Capybara, RSpec, FactoryGirl, Jenkins, RVM, rbenv, TDD, Agile, Linux, AWS, Heroku and more.


I studied Engineering Physics at UCB before completing my undergrad degree in Computer Science degree from UCSC. I then founded, ran and sold four high-tech companies ranging from floppy disk duplication to internet document management. Afterwards, I took some time off to be with my kids, surf, learn Ruby on Rails, take classes, read books and study clean tech. I then completed my Sustainable MBA degree at Presidio Graduate School and am now working at AutoGrid.

Visual Resume

 Max Dunn Visual Resume


What I Am Looking For

My ideal job would have this weighting:

  • 30% Passion. My passion is to help the world move towards clean energy, especially electrifying our transportation
  • 30% Challenge. I need to be challenged in my job and learn new things
  • 30% People. I enjoy working with talented, emotionally intelligent people
  • 10% Pay. I want to be paid fairly


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